“Music Over Mind” Serenades Hospital Workers and Retirees During the Pandemic


by Ryann Pierre 

December 15, 2020 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone all around the world. With hospitals brimming with patients and physical contact highly discouraged, the crisis has taken a toll on health workers and those in retirement homes. 

Keeping spirits up and strong, the nonprofit organization “Music Over Mind” has been serenading hospital workers and retirees since February 2020. 

A celebrated organization, Music Over Mind is the brainchild of music artist David Scott who founded the organization way back in 2009. Scott, who is well-known for his advocacies and philanthropic work, established the nonprofit to inspire the “Betterment of Mental Health through Music.” 

Under the acronym, “M.O.M.,” Music Over Mind collaborates with talented musicians to enliven hospitals, clinics, and retirement homes. Through his organization, David Scott provides live performances, music therapy, and speaking engagements. 

Before launching Music Over Mind, trained classical violinist David Scott studied under the current Concert Master of the North Carolina Symphony. A true music genius, David was lauded among his peers for his ability to deftly maneuver any genre, style, or melody on the violin. 

After graduating from Villanova University with a degree in Humanities, he developed a deep appreciation and skill for music production and improvisation. Entranced by the beauty of sound, the talented violinist set forth to forge his path in the music industry. 

However, things were not as smooth sailing as one would expect for someone of David Scott’s caliber. While making a name for himself, David experienced persistent health scares and had to undergo several medical operations. The recovery period was long, but the musician’s passion and dedication never wavered. 

After his surgeries, David only bounced back and got to work. His commitment to his art allowed him to push beyond the rigid boundaries and expectations of classical violin and fully realize his potential as a multifaceted creative. 

At that point in time, the inspirational classical violinist knew what he wanted to do. Intending to further heal through music, he started “Music Over Mind.” What started as a way to give back and hold a hand out to the world took on a more prominent role in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Music Over Mind began to transition from a concert into a warm embrace with enforced health restrictions discouraging interactions and closing state boundaries through lockdowns. 

Since February 2020, the nonprofit organization has eased worries and quieted racing thoughts for essential hospital workers and individuals living in retirement homes. Seeing the growing demand for music therapy, M.O.M. has also launched virtual programming that focuses on music and mental health through songwriting workshops and open mic gatherings. 

At present, Music Over Mind continues to promote healing through music and advocacy. Driven by David Scott’s commitment to mental health, the organization has reached millions of people worldwide and is at the brink of national acclaim. 

Learn more about Music Over Mind and its impact during the pandemic on its official website. Get to know David Scott and his music better by listening to his tracks on Spotify or following his work on Instagram and Facebook. To contact the brilliant violinist, David may be reached through his official website. 

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