#musicisthemedicine: The Official Newsletter of David Scott

The Prayer

The Prayer

Lyrics by LVitto 

Song on the album, "The Universe Gave Me a Melody"

Producer/Composer: David Scott 


[Opening Hook: LVitto] 

I thank God for every day of life, 

I never been afraid to die, 

But, this surgery might change…

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The Melody: A Heart Story


By Dyson Von Robinson

The unpredictable vicissitudes of congenital heart disease have assured adversity as one of few guarantees in David Scott’s life. Born with aortic stenosis, the first few years of David’s life were…

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Mozart as Medicine: The Health Benefits of Music

My guess is that these are individualized results which, although true, are difficult to extrapolate to the entire population. That said, there are a handful of health benefits of music that are well-accepted and scientifically proven. 


James Clear, Contributor 

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Brain training

Can learning a musical instrument have a positive effect on a child's mental health? Players and teachers give their thoughts on the psychological benefits for young people 

By Peter Somerford

Dec 2019: The Strad

Much has been written about how…

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What is Music Over Mind?

Dedicated to the Betterment of Mental Health through Advocacy & Music 

Music Over Mind, Inc. (M.O.M.) is a private non profit organization dedicated to the betterment of mental health through the sublime medium of music. M.O.M. collaborates with musicians, hospitals…

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