The Violin Consultant Group

The Violin Consultant: Record Label

Record Label/ Distribution/ Publishing company

The Violin Consultant Group (VCG) is a full-service music label, publishing company, and agency with decades of experience in each step of the process from music creation and distribution to the longevity of a musical work. From full-studio production to multi-platform release, VCG makes creating and sharing music easier than ever.  

Furthermore, VCG’s job is not finished after the song is released. The VCG publishing division streamlines the final stages of the life of a song through the brokering of publishing deals, including opportunities for licensing, synchronization, mechanical and performance royalties, and print sales. 

Artist advocacy is the cornerstone of VCG’s agency services. VCG handles the branding, marketing, advertising, administrative duties, booking, and networking of its clientele to fully equip them for the ever-changing music landscape that artists must navigate in the streaming era. 


David Scott

Allie Capo

Still Rise

Tony Yarborough - Love in a Box

Shelly Markham