What is Music Over Mind?

Dedicated to the Betterment of Mental Health through Advocacy & Music 

Music Over Mind, Inc. (M.O.M.) is a private non profit organization dedicated to the betterment of mental health through the sublime medium of music. M.O.M. collaborates with musicians, hospitals, clinics, patients, and families to offer free performances, music therapy, recording opportunities, and speaking engagements. The organization is built on the belief that music can be used to heal, empower, and coalesce each and every individual. M.O.M. endeavors to promote a stigma free environment for our clients as well as their family and support networks. 

Mental Health refers to our cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well being. It is all about how we think, feel, and behave. 

Mental Health affects our daily life, relationships and even physical health. The psychological effects of music can be powerful and wide ranging. Music therapy is an intervention sometimes utilized to promote emotional health, help patients cope with stress, and boost psychological well being. Music can relax the mind, energize the body, and even help people better manage pain. 

Our Vision 

Music is the Medicine 

Music Over Mind, Inc. is dedicated to the betterment of mental health through advocacy and music. M.O.M.’s vision aims to advance not only the use of music as the positive-life force that facilitates change, but the idea that music is the cosmic symphony and the universal language.  Whether heard or unheard, music is happening all around us. At its theoretical basis, music manifests through numbers and vibration; pitched in an audible sound as a grouping of notes into melody and harmony. If appropriately applied, music can augment perspective and better one's life. 

Our demographics include but are not limited to the care plan of medical professionals.  Our reach will extend to universities, corporations, and the masses. Through advocacy, awareness, and data collection, M.O.M. will affect insurance policy and the medical industry by extending a proven track record of music in the healthcare system. 

Our aim is to expand music as an integrative medicine that when utilized will promote emotional well-being, manage stress, and improve psychological states. Our belief is that music energizes the body and induces relaxation; and music as a prescription, can be used to manage pain and heal. 

Music Over Mind is passionate about developing Integrative Music Therapy Programs in hospitals and clinics across the United States.  M.O.M. 's aim is to press industry through advocacy to initiate broader policy that has an unbiased and dedicated commitment to music as medicine. 

Through data, application, and analysis, Music Over Mind aims to be a leader with an open source database that will serve as a resource for policy, the medical industry, by promoting the efficacy of music therapy/performance in its field.